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According to experts, insomnia is a common disorder in the elderly, and has about 48% of those over age 50 often suffer from insomnia. When disturbed sleep, waking up feeling tired will, drowsiness, headache in the morning and did not know what to do. To improve the quality of sleep, the essence is to find out the cause. Common cause is due to produce melatonin levels. When I was younger, the amount of melatonin secreted more and then decreases with age.

The amount of melatonin secreted at the causes of insomnia in the elderly. Besides, there are some other reasons that older people do not sleep well, such as less exposure to light, reduced physical activity, prone to wake up, change the circadian rhythm, reduce the body function aging and dementia diseases, respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint pain, diabetes, menopause, Alzheimer's disease, psychological stress or psychological disorder ...

Want a deep sleep, delicious, health experts in the United States recommend improving habits and his lifestyle by the following activities:
- Exercise regularly, do not use the food, drinks or stimulant drugs at the end of the day, several days without sleep, relaxing environment and quiet at bedtime, avoid stressful or emotional ago sleep, warm baths to increase body temperature, helps sleep easier starts, turn off the TV and computer at least 1 hour before bedtime, try to form the habit of bedtime ritual, the steps go to sleep, do not worry about insomnia.
- Active participation in social activities, family. Try volunteers joined a seniors group, or sign up for a class for older people.
- Find someone who can talk, preferably face to face about the issues and your concerns.
- Trying to enjoy the sunlight. Sunlight regulatory effect of melatonin and the sleep cycle - wake. Spend at least two hours every day in the morning to receive sunlight.
- Limit the use of sleeping pills by drugs often have side effects. In fact, some people take sleeping pills for long periods makes the insomnia worse.

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