I-on sound and applications in life

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1. What are negative ions?

According to scientific studies, the concentration of negative ions in places such as waterfalls, forests, mountains, beaches ... This concentration of 200-500 times higher than in a closed room. This is further confirmed by further when United States Environmental Protection Agency indicate that indoor air dirty 2 to 10 times more than outdoor because dirt particles filled with bacteria, microscopic fungi from the common materials such as fabric, wood, food, pet hair ...

Negative ion concentration is very high at the beach

I-ons sound can gain one or more electrons when electrons in a neutral state, the positive ion to lose electrons, causing energy loss. As opposed nature so when combined, negative ions have the ability to neutralize her trademark and harmful positive ions

I-on tone is also known as vitamin air

2. Benefits of Negative Ion

Negative ions help increase oxygen to the brain, causing mental alertness, buoyed
Blood helps transport oxygen to cells well
Protect cell membranes, enhance immunity
Kill bacteria, germs in the air, reduce portion from respiratory irritation causes coughing, sneezing and itchy throat ...
And deeper sleep
Reebotech technology helps produce negative ion for each cushion helux

3. Production technology of artificial negative ion

I-on tone is very beneficial to the body. Currently in the world there have been many scientific studies to provide i-on in life. One of those solutions is the negative ion buffering.
Reebotech as a breakthrough technology capable of producing negative ion. By crushed Tourmaline stone and bring together the fabric weave, reebotech takes negative ions into the extremely important things like sofa, pillows, cushions ... And Helux buffer is a new breakthrough that
Helux buffer negative ion buffering is the first and only one in Vietnam
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