I flipped-on - things you may not know

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What is I-ons?

The charged particles in the air is the I-ons. The I-on also called scientific name of atoms, molecules or molecular clusters can release a small amount of electricity in the air.

The I-ons can enter the body each and directly affect the lives of our health. I-ons to exist in two forms is the Yin and Yang power.

The I-ons Anion Negative or particles can discharge sound as neutral state may receive one or more e-Electron. I-on tone is beneficial particles enhances the life energy to I-on tone or also known as "Vitamin in the air".

The I-ons Ocean or cations are particles that can discharge Ocean as a neutral state may be losing one or more electrons. I-ons Ocean is harmful particles causing energy loss. The use of many electronic devices such as phones, computers, television, ... make a positive ion levels in the human body increases, and also causes the body to feel tired, tense straight.

In nature, such as the high mountains, deep forests, beaches, waterfalls concentration of negative ions in the air is very high, compared to the parks in the city is higher than 20-50 times, also in plants , accommodations, workplace, the concentration of negative ions in the air is low only about 1/10 the concentration of negative ions in the atmosphere in the park.

Concentration of negative ions in nature is very high

The effects of negative ions

In addition to making the air cleaner, negative ion also has beneficial effects for human health, help you reduce feelings of fatigue, stress, nausea, headaches .... negative ion supports the absorption of oxygen.
According to the research of scientists, negative ion can accelerate the process of metabolism in the human body and prevention of diseases, have a good effect on the following aspects:
For the respiratory system, negative ion help improve the function of the lungs. Humans breathe as many negative ions for 30 minutes, can help increase the amount of oxygen in the lungs by 20%.
For the cardiovascular system, negative ion is highly effective in balancing blood pressure, can improve cardiovascular function, increased nutrition for cardiovascular organs.
For nervous system, negative ion help control the nervous system and reduce stress, headaches, reduce neurasthenia, make people have good spirits, improve sleep, are highly effective in the sedative, analgesic. Besides I-ons sound very effective in the treatment of shoulder stiffness.
For the circulatory system, negative ion accelerating the process of metabolism.
For vascular, negative ion can increase and balance the amount of white blood cells, red blood cells. Body after absorbing negative ion, helps balance blood pressure and cholesterol.
Blood alkali process makes the production of endorphins (endogenous morphine) and Enkephalin. These substances increase the rate of chemical substances negative ions, sodium, potassium, circulating plasma helps purify blood and thereby relieve fatigue, physical recovery and healing of wounds.
Negative ions accelerate the process of metabolism and prevent diseases
For immunity can improve the reaction of the body, increase the body's resistance to disease.
For asthma, negative ion enter the body eliminate pollution agents and cause asthma follow the principles of sound power, neutral-positive.
Besides, negative ion also work to improve skin allergies and effects regeneration of new cells.
Ion buffering
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