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According to experts of the Red River bedding, baby bedding is often considered the center of the bedroom. Parents need to choose carefully from the bed style, color and blankets, sheets and pillow to match. Pure mattress can be a good choice for a baby lovely bed. Bedcover husbandry should be shell made from cotton, is durable quilted blankets station and airy.

With children, colors and shapes printed on the blanket, bedcover samples are considered important because it's the baby toys, sticking his friends. Therefore, parents should consider, leads children along when buying the blanket, bedcover to the self-selected according to your preferences.


Mothers who are interested and find different ways to help decorate your room more beautiful from the colors, shapes, objects to the paintings, the Bears ... However, the most important thing for the bedroom baby's safety. Nightstand, desk reading children should not be placed next to the balcony, easily affect her concentration as well as the study of sleep. You should not put the altar or ancestral spirits in the children's room, no safe and easy to make children afraid, even nightmares. The first hang the ceiling fan will make the baby bed dizziness, earache. Statistics study table should not close the bathroom, by the study, your child prone to fatigue, depressed.

Also, you should make sure children room lighting and lighting of the entire lighting angle. To the room in low light condition, the child susceptible to depression. Child's bedroom should be painted bright colors, not to "misuse" many dark colors, especially black to get children to imagine and think of all the negative direction.


In particular, children should not headboard painted or decorated in red, prone to feelings of insecurity. School desks red use more easy to lose focus and the young impatient, lazy thinking while studying. Parents should not paste the patterned wallpaper, patterns peculiar because children can dreamless and deviant thoughts. Parents take the habit to clean up his room is always neat and tidy. Bedroom clean air always brings good source for the development of children.
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